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Eike Dölschner

Let your vision take shape.

Your vision is my mission. The sustainable improvement of your processes, projects, products and teamwork – oriented towards the people in your team – is the most important to me. Right now in uncertain times. At the moment when time is limited. In all facets.

My mission is to realize your vision in concrete processes, projects and products. In your home market or supported with my experience in India, China and globaly. As experienced managing director and global business unit head manager in mechanical engineering I am able to deal with challenges. Make use of my management know-how, my analytical competencies and my social skills in order to make your organization development more sustainable, growth- and profitoriented. Winning the future means for companies today to manage

  • the energy transition/entry into the hydrogen economy,
  • the shortage of skilled workers and employee retention,
  • the pressure to innovate,
  • the dynamic globalization with fluctuating supply chains and
  • the need to digitize processes and products.

I accompany you in all facets on the way. The focus is always on better cooperation between people. My improvement approaches and support in change mangement are as individual as your teams and processes.

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... it's about your success!

Many companies would like people are taking responsibility and cooperate in a better way. That improvements really show effects and that dynamic, growth and competitiveness increase. I am at your side to design the framework conditions for that. With proven know-how from over 30 years of management experience:

  • as a practitioner
    for business development, product and process innovations
  • as a supporter
    Strategic and operational realignment, turnaround, operations excellence, supply chain, project management
  • as a driving force
    Anticipate market, technology and product trends,to determine options and make market opportunities transparent
  • as a companion
    Inspiring, motivating, moderating and developing people in change processes
  • as a sparring partner/coach
    for confidential dialogue on topics that are not yet officially on the agenda

My approach.

  1. Perceive what is. What exactly is the challenge? What affects your organization from the outside and the inside?
  2. Joint sketching and development of the target status.
  3. Changes in the environment/frame of reference affect people’s behavior more intensely than their personality.
  4. Guiding principles provide security in change situations.
  5. Try new actions, focus on them and reach the new level.
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The Business Areas

Development / restructuring of companies, processes or projects to increase competitiveness.

Do you feel your organization is too complex or are processes and projects running efficiently as planned? Together with your team, I analyze the current situation and develop a target status that suits to your challenge. I accompany changes, secure results and consistently support your team.

Innovation management, market segment strategies and product innovations.

Are you fully exploiting all market potential? Do you use the opportunities of the energy transition, hydrogen economy, high-efficiency products, remote service, individualization, digitization and dynamic globalization? Based on the mega-trends for your industry, me and your team will distort specific projects and processes to increase market share.

Optimizing global value chains and processes.

Increasing cost pressure, change and bottlenecks on the global procurement markets, automation options and the increased customer demand for digital offers present companies with major challenges today. Together with your experts, I describe bottlenecks and risks, develop alternatives and improvements.

Support as interim management.

I am happy to bridge sudden management bottlenecks in order to keep motivated specialists and teams on board, to continue functioning management and decision-making structures and constant project and process management for a limited time. As a manager with many years of experience, I quickly find my way around changeable situations.

Training & Coaching

Whether team member, specialist or manager – human behavior and cooperation are key success factors. You should be aware that the expectations of each other are also constantly changing. The necessary soft skills are expertly developed and trained by me. In addition to passing on knowledge, I also accompany the practice and retention in daily life.

Mission Statement


I want Your succcess – in the market, in your processes, with your team! To increase your earnings, to secure your workplaces and to reach your personell targets.



Your vision is my mission. I improve sustainable your processes, projects, products and the teamwork – linked to the people in your team.



Integrity, appreciation, customer orientation, liability, professionalism, open minded.


Knowledge & Experience

More than 30 years of successful management experience and expertise in management, global business unit management and plant management speak for themselves. In my understanding, the purpose of a company is to create customer benefits, to generate profits and to offer the people in the company opportunities for meaningful participation. Profits secure the company and the jobs of the employees.

Branches & Regions

My focus is global mechanical engineering, especially products and systems for power generation, hydrogen economy, water management and industry. I have application know-how for fluids and gases such as hydrogen, LNG and industrial gases. Internationally, I support you based on decades of responsibility for activities in India and China.

Achievements & Methods

Measures and methods, applied in a practical way, show the range and the efficiency of doelschner-consulting. Proven “track records” prove my competence:

  • Increase in sales by developing market segment strategy and remote service strategy, expanding the portfolio, deriving new products and services
  • Increase in sales by defining a multi-brand strategy, products of different complexity, price segmentation and customer groups, based on a modular product system
  • Increasing the ability to innovate through lean processes, optimized, agile project management, adapted organizational structure, research and development cooperation.
  • Improving productivity, reducing manufacturing costs and increasing EBIT through technology investments, global purchasing, automation of processes and Lean Six Sigma measures
  • Significant increase in delivery reliability by improving and automating order management, materials management, making working hours more flexible and introducing group work on the shop floor
  • M&A – investigation, joint venture contract negotiation, post-merger integration, process stabilization and transfer of products and ramp up R&D centers in India and China
  • Planning and implementation of strategic large-scale investment projects (construction of new buildings and large-scale plants) as well as product relocations within a global plant network
  • Multiple successful turnaround projects by increasing productivity (lean management and reducing manufacturing costs), increasing sales due to improved customer benefits and increasing delivery reliability
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Eike Dölschner

Inspiration – Seminars and Impulse Lectures

Take advantage of Eike Doelschner’s experience and knowledge in industry and consulting for you and your employees – compact, understandable, practice-oriented:

How can I support you?

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Dipl.-Ing. Eike Dölschner
Jeßnitzer Str. 16
06116 Halle (Saale)

Mobil: +49 172 625 1361

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